Book Review – Absolute Power by David Baldacci

Absolute Power
Absolute Power by David Baldacci

The first page of the novel is a quote, a universal truth that has encircled us all in a never-ending quest for greed.

“Absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

The Plot

Luther Whitney, a 60-year-old’s burglary at the world’s richest man’s mansion by penetrating into a hidden room filled with diamonds and cash is interrupted by sudden visitors.

Hiding behind a two-way mirror he observes Alan Richmond. President of the United States and Christine Sullivan, the billionaire’s wife with detail as the course of their sex gets rough and the woman stabs the man while two Secret Service agents burst into the room and shoot the billionaire’s young wife.

Luther runs for his life not before picking up the bloodstained letter opener, the only evidence that can effectively put the President in a crime scene. The burglar is the target of their clandestine manhunt. The members of the executive plan to trace down Luther to blame the wife’s murder on him.

While Whitney is on a run from the President’s agents, he turns up to an old trusted friend, John Graham, former public defender but keeps in him the dark.

In a narrative for power, corruption, sex, ambition, and murder with relentless suspense and climax the story calls upon an answer whether the US President and his deputies get away with murder.

Maybe they will go Scot free, maybe not!

Writer’s Notes

P.S.- In August 2019, while I was headed to my cousin’s house. I grabbed this black beauty from my college library ( always travel unaccompanied, unless it’s a novel).
I was quite unsure when I picked up the book for this was my first David Baldacci novel. But now, this is one of my Most Favourite Pickups and I would have regretted Not picking it up! I totally recommend this novel for those who love thrillers.

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